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One trick is to make brief nonsexual physical contact, such as touching the other person’s hand or arm.If you’re clever, you can do this as a way to emphasize a conversation point.I started doing push-ups so i could knock this nigga the fuck out.By the time i got strong enough to hit him some nigga shot him in the chest outs Lewis @Polar Saurus Rex Why is everyone saying humans are fucked if we ever get in a war with robots?

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Making small talk can feel uncomfortable, especially with someone you just met. It doesn’t matter what the compliment is, as long as it’s sincere and in good taste.The beauty of travelling in Europe is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to come across every Tom, Dick and Harry.Harking from such a variety of countries, it’s more likely to be every José, André and Boris!However, swiping right on Tinder in Europe might require a bit more effort if your perfect match doesn’t speak the same language!So until you develop the language of love, here’s a few tips on how to flirt in local languages.

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